Who We Are

Phenomenal Women in Christ is an organization that desires to impart knowledge to encourage the Christian woman to step out into her destiny.  Not just their purpose but the vision that God has given them for their lives.

We believe that there are women that love the Lord, who have been called by him and desires to do His will but are stuck.  They don’t really know where to start or the next step to take.

Our goal is to bring stories of everyday women who love the Lord and is walking out His vision for her life, step by step, and give it to other women needing that encouragement.

We will strive to bring you knowledge, whether spiritual or practical, through our training institute (classes, programs, etc.), workshops, conferences, media (television, internet, radio), live interviews and inspirational writings.

Our Mission
To equip women with the knowledge needed to manifest their God ordained vision.

Our Vision
To meld media, biblical teachings, education and training into practical and spiritual knowledge that will empower the Christian woman to spark.

A Subsidiary
Phenomenal Woman In Christ is a subsidiary of LifeSpark Ministries, an organization dedicated to uplifting and encouraging the lives of women through the Word of God.

If you know of someone that fits the criteria of a Phenomenal Woman in Christ, please email us and let us know who they are and why they are Phenomenal!

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