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Phenomenal Woman In Christ searches for women who are actively walking out the vision God has placed in their lives.  These individuals are chosen because the are, or have, taken steps of faith to live and do the vision God has given them despite fear, rejection, lack of support, doubt or financial resources.

Their vision/purpose ministry or organization does not have to be church based. It can be a music director in a church; a VP of a fortune 500 company; or an individual with a small but growing organization: outside the four walls of a church or inside – either one.

Here is what we are looking for from that Phenomenal Woman:

  • Willing to share your story – whether good or bad – to uplift someone
  • Willing to share the process you took to get started on your path
  • The trials, temptations, blessings, etc. that came about on your journey
  • Positive advice and encouragement for the viewer
  • ŸTheir faith and walk with Christ before, during and after (How have they grown?)
  • Honesty, integrity, and a desire to touch the lives of other women/individuals in a positive manner

Because we truly believe there are women that need to see and hear other women doing God’s will in order to step out and do theirs; we are looking for women that are sincere in doing what God has called them to do.  Women that have a strong connection to God and tries to live by the Word.  In other words, you will be the light these women will see and hear. Your story is what will either encourage or inspire them to move.  We are just the vessel bringing your story and giving it to them – a conduit.

Luke 10:2-3 says the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few.  The harvest is us; all the believers and followers of the Gospel.  The laborers are the ones that actually take their belief further and steps out on faith and do what God has called/ordained them to do – kingdom ministers.  So it is our wish and hope here at Phenomenal Woman In Christ that we have more laborers and you are of them.

The individual does not have to be local. For local individuals if you are selected you have the option of being interviewed for our television show which airs on the local cable station. Taping usually occurs in studio.

If you are not local you have the option of being interviewed via written, audio or both. Your interview will then be placed on our site for readers/listeners to download or read.

If you think you fit the criteria of a Phenomenal Woman In Christ, or know of someone that fits the criteria, and would like to be considered for an interview, please send us an email at inquiry@PhenomenalWomanInChrist.com

Be Blessed!

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